• All 4 lines researched
  • 8 BMD Certificates
  • 40 hours research
  • 4 Surname Histories
  • Census 1841 - 1911
  • Church Records
  • ​Maps/Photographs
  • Results of all findings
  • Genealogical reports
  • Printed Family Tree


  • A comprehensive Family History Report including a range of Genealogical reports - a Family Tree, Pedigree Chart, Descendant Report, Family Groups.
  • Your family's Surname History, its meaning, origins, dispersal within the UK (& abroad if appropriate), interesting facts, famous namesakes.
  • Census returns dating from 1841-1911, showing members of the family, where they lived, their occupations.
  • ​A search of the newly released 1939 Register bringing research into the 20th Century - where were your relatives on the eve of the Second World War?
  • Birth, Marriage or Death Certificates (BMD, numbers subject to packages below). 
  • Church Records of baptism, marriage and burial, where surviving. Military & occupational records.
  • Old Maps, Photographs and postcards showing where and how your ancestors lived.
  • Results of searches in Newspapers, Electoral Registers, Trade Directories, Apprenticeships, Wills & Probate, Migration & Criminal Registers.
  • A timeline of your family events set in context with major local, national and worldwide historical events that would have affected your ancestors.
  • Copies of results of our findings including a slideshow presentation, to allow you to share your family history with relatives.
  • Recommendations for further research.
  • Prices include postage within the UK. Delivery is typically 8-12 weeks, sooner by negotiation.                                                                                      

History Angels  offer a variety of family tree packages available depending on how many 'branches' of your family tree you would like us to explore. Each is researched to the highest standard & provides the most comprehensive family history available, researched by an dedicated & experienced APG Registered Genealogist.


As Genealogists we refer to four main ancestral 'lines' or 'branches' of your family tree - the surnames of your four grandparents. Our Family Tree Packages follow the lines of your family history as far back as possible using the records available to us. You choose what you'd like us to research. All our Family Tree Research Packages are personally written, hand finished & beautifully presented in a hardback book. Each Family History Report includes......

If a 'Family Tree 'Package' doesn't suit your needs, consider ordering Bespoke Research.....

TWO Ancestral Lines

  • Two family lines researched
  • 4 BMD Certificates
  • 20 hours research
  • 2 Surname Histories
  • Census 1841 - 1911
  • Church Records
  • ​Maps/Photographs
  • Results of all findings
  • ​Genealogical reports
  • Printed Family Tree

ONE Ancestral Line

  • One family line researched
  • 2 BMD Certificates
  • 10 hours research
  • 1 Surname History
  • Census 1841 - 1911
  • Church Records
  • Maps/Photographs
  • Results of all findings
  • ​Genealogical reports
  • Printed Family Tree 

Family Tree Packages


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