• "It's been like a Catherine Cookson novel in reverse - riches to rags". One family's links from royalty through illegitimacy to poverty.
  • We're researching some fascinating families at the moment, including a military hero, Welsh hill farmers, Channel Islanders, Irish Quakers, a family of butchers, a 'Gold and Silver Dealer', and we have an interesting adoption mystery to solve.
  • We've recently been working with Royal British Legion, CWGC, DCMS & the BBC in relation to events to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. 
  • Our research was used by Tom Rowley of The Telegraph:-- http://www.telegraph.co.uk/history/world-war-one/11008175/A-mothers-anguish-over-the-first-man-to-fall.html
  • Client feedback - "Thank you for everything, its been a blessing to meet you"
  • We recently researched a family tree and found a living relation who is a famous author - quite a surprise for our client who is delighted!
  • Lovely feedback - 'You really are Angels, thank you so much for researching my family tree'.
  • One of our family history researchers discovered that she was distantly related to the family she was researching. It really is a small world!
  • We love Old Occupations. We've just found a family of Oakum Workers and  Caulkers in Liverpool, both long lost occupations from the ship building industry. Have you any interesting occupations in your family history?
  • Unusual names we've discovered recently include - Jehosophat, Jabez, Euphemia, Zebedee, Inez, Horatio, Valentine.
  • Things are not always what they seem - Feedback we've received from a recent client:- "Had my first look at the family tree and wondered 'Who are all these people?' Gwillym, Minerva & Margaret were known as John, Viola and Kathleen!"
  • We've been asked to research a family legend of ancestry related to an illegitimate daughter of Charles II. Not all family trees have royal connections!
  • We're helping to find living relatives of a soldier killed in the First World War, so that they can be invited to Centenary Celebrations.
  • We've just found a very fruity family - Green grocers for several generations from 20th Century all the way back to the 18th Century!
  • We're pleased to report that we've found a client's Long Lost Family - a sister she didn't know she had, adopted in 1943.
  • Favourite names: One of our researchers found the name Faith Hope Charity Peace, born in 1864 in Leicestershire. Peace being the surname.
  • ​We've found a very black sheep in our client's family history - one gentleman in three separate prisons. Several cases of larceny! 
  • Researching the history of a Manchester Cotton Merchant's Gentleman's residence. One man with six servants, including a full time Cab Driver. The Cab would be driven by horses of course!
  • We've been asked to research the history of a mantel clock that has been passed down through a family for generations. It was made by Edward John Dent of 33 Cockspur Street, Charing Cross, Clockmaker to Queen Victoria, who in 1844 supplied the great clock to Westminster, now more famously known as Big Ben.
  • We're pleased to report that we could find Chris's elusive ancestor, a travelling salesman whose occupation meant he was never with his family on the census. Our team were able to prove who he was using a paper trail of certificates and newspaper articles.

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