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Our experienced Professional Genealogists are passionate about finding out as much as possible about your family history. Every family tree is different so we aim to make your story personal, and direct our research into your ancestry according to your requirements. We offer either bespoke research or a range of fixed price packages to suit, depending on how much of your family history you already know or would like to discover.


  • Maybe you don't require a package but need some help finding a particular individual or breaking down a brick wall in your family tree? We are always flexible to your requirements and are willing to carry out bespoke research on an hourly basis.
  • Our family history searches are many and varied depending on your individual family. They include censuses dating back to 1841, Church records, certificates of births marriages and deaths, old newspapers, occupational records, military, maps, family bibles, wills and old photographs.  
  • When we research your family tree we produce more than just a list of names and dates or a fancy chart. History Angels discover where, when and how your ancestors lived and died, illustrating your genealogy and bringing your history to life.
  • We encourage you to dig out your old photos, and let us know your family stories, early memories, family nicknames etc so that we can include them in your family tree, to be passed down to future generations and preserve your family history.
  • We present your family history in an excellent quality binder, including a wide range of family tree reports and charts, birth marriage and death certificates, biographies of your ancestors, and copies or transcriptions of censuses and other sources used to create a family keepsake (subject to copyright).
  • Use our contact page to call us or request a call back. The first step is a free telephone consultation to establish that we can achieve what you're looking for. We prefer to ascertain that we are able to meet your expectations before asking for any money.

Family History Research

Bringing your Family History to Life.....

Who do you think you are? Have you always wondered where your ancestors came from? Where they lived? Their occupations? How life treated them?

Is there any truth behind your family legend? A royal connection or a famous ancestor? What did the black sheep of the family actually do to deserve their reputation?


Have you tried to research your family tree and met a dead end? Have you been separated by adoption? Is there a missing link, an elusive ancestor, or a long lost family member that simply disappeared from your family history?


History Angels are professional genealogists & historical researchers, here to help you travel back in time to discover your past, bring your family history to life and tell your family's story. We work to your own specifications to include your family photos, stories, nicknames and more to create a truly personalised family tree that tells a story that can be handed down to future generations.

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Bringing Your History to Life.....

History Angels