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History Angels are specialists in genealogical research, which often concentrates on how far back in time you can trace your family tree. We also research another dimension - the present. We are experienced family finders, who offer a professional service tracing and contacting living relatives. If you are looking to trace a birth parent, find a sibling, locate another long lost family member or friend you've lost touch with please contact us.

Families can be complicated. People become estranged for all kinds of reasons - marriage breakdowns, family disputes, remarriages, or simply losing touch. 

We have access to billions of records, and can usually trace people & reunite you with even the smallest fragments of information. We are registered under the Data Protection Act (1998) & are able to access information on living people, including their current address, telephone number & who they are living with.

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Some recent examples:-

  • We've just reunited long lost cousins in Australia & Scotland, Canada & England!
  • Michelle asked us to find out the truth about her grandmother who was born and adopted in 1905. We were able to build a family tree which showed Michelle a distant family connection between her birth & adoptive families.
  • History Angels have recently located the families of over 100 UK & Commonwealth Servicemen who lost their lives in the First World War. 
  • History Angels were commissioned to find information on  the family of a lady who was adopted in the 1940s. We successfully found her half sister, and the two are looking forward meeting for the first time soon.
  • History Angels recently responded to an appeal looking for living relatives of Private John Parr, 4th Middlesex Regiment - reportedly the first Commonwealth soldier to have died in the First World War. We successfully researched his family tree and were able to find several living relations - his great nieces and great nephews, who have now reunited. They were able to take past in a service at St Symphorien Military Cemetery, Mons, Belgium to honour his memory as part of the First World War Centenary Commemorations. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-28442670
  • Rachel asked us to look for information on her long lost father, who separated from her mother in the 1940s and was never seen again. We found that he had died several years ago, but had gone on to have more family. Rachel is now in touch with a half sister she didn't know she had.
  • History Angels reunited old school friends William & Alex. Each had moved house several times and they had lost touch. We were pleased to be able to reunite them in time for William's 50th birthday celebrations.
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